Northern Michigan Real Estate Search


Selling Northern Michigan real estate isn’t a walk in the park. The market is competitive for sellers, and not touching all of the bases can result in a property languishing on the market, and this leads to lower offers when and if they come. I have been providing exceptional service to sellers for many years, and I'm highly recommended because I do touch all of the bases.

Objective Property Analysis & Recommendations

I provide an objective evaluation of your property with the sole purpose of providing sound advice as to how it is positioned against the competition in the Northern Michigan real estate market and to recommend actions you can take to improve its features and condition to move it up against the competition. There’s no substitute for a thorough understanding of competing neighborhood properties and actions you can take to make your property more desirable.

Thorough Real Estate Market Analysis

Pricing the home properly is perhaps the most important thing you can do to assure a timely sale. Over–pricing will result in a much longer time on the market, and this time gradually erodes buyer interest and reduces offer prices. Under–pricing is obviously not the way to go either, as your investment should return as much as possible to you in the sale process.

I will provide you with a detailed CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) of the neighborhood recent sales, as well as the currently listed competition. This CMA will show you what similar local properties have been selling for recently, but also the currently listed prices for similar properties. This allows me to collaborate with you to set the optimal listing price.

Innovative Marketing Services

The more qualified buyers exposed to your Northern Michigan real estate property, the better your opportunity to sell at or very near your asking price. I place your home online, but it doesn’t stop there. My heavily marketed real estate website will feature your property, but I’ll also syndicate your listing to other major national real estate search sites. I’ll also meet with you to structure a marketing package that will include the very best media for your property type and price range.

Negotiation & Contract to Closing Services

When a buyer makes an offer, my most valuable services come into play. Negotiation in the Northern Michigan real estate market requires a thorough knowledge of the market trends, but also of human nature. I’ve negotiated hundreds of deals, and my help will bring about the very best price and terms for your property sale. However, that’s just the first negotiation of perhaps several.

Once the buyer has inspections done, there could be repair negotiations, and there may be back–and–forth over title, survey or other documents. The path from an initial contract through a successful closing can be stressful, but I'm here to make it as smooth as possible.